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A small office of women saved my life.

Nearly 8 years ago, I had a 23% chance of living to see 5 years.

Every single day that I wake is a good day. That may sound cliche or over-simplified to some - but it’s true for me. I woke up today. That means I have right now. That means I have a chance and that chance breeds hope.

8 years ago, I didn’t have a lot of hope.

An independent artist and communicator, I had been on the “independent” track for just about 3 months. I was 38 years old and taking a chance on myself…. but this lump in my left breast kept getting bigger. Like many women, I would give myself excuses as to what it was or wasn’t. I would ‘shoo’ away the nagging feeling that I really knew what it was. I also knew I was fresh out of insurance and otherwise a healthy, active lady.

But I could touch the tumor with my hand. My own dog - a rescue who had only been with me a couple of years at this point - would crawl up my belly and touch it with his own nose and look at me … encouraging me to fix it because he, too, knew it shouldn’t be there.

What could be done, though?

Being the researcher that I’ve always been, I went searching for answers. Those answers would come in the form of The Bridge Breast Network. A small office of women who were all trying, diligently, to save ladies with what they could.

They had a wonderful breast surgeon - Dr. Sally Knox - who had championed this cause and these women put the work in to create a network of doctors with Baylor and within the Sammons Cancer Center.

Their office was a small one in one of Baylor Hospital’s campus towers. With just a few of them on the team there were always phones ringing and paperwork to get through. Yet, in the midst of all of the work and flow, they managed to make it seem the world paused to help me. Terry Wilson-Gray (Executive Director) sat me down to let me know I had qualified for their assistance.

With their help, it took a year to fight the disease. The war was ultimately (and gratefully) won and I get to still be breathing 8 years later.

I am so proud and grateful to continually share the truth that The Bridge Breast Network saved my life.

Center (with glasses) is Terry Wilson-Gray, Executive Director. To right (blue scarf) is Dr. Sally Knox followed by me in the black.

Center (with glasses) is Terry Wilson-Gray, Executive Director. To right (blue scarf) is Dr. Sally Knox followed by me in the black.

The Bridge Breast Network continues to grow and help thousands around our neighborhoods in North Texas. In order to keep doing all of this beautiful work that they do, they must raise money. One way that they do this is their annual gala in September.


I adore the annual gala. It’s lovely, elegant, fun and a great opportunity for you (or your company) to get involved, on a local, real-world scale.

On September 28, 2019, The Bridge Breast Network presents A Starry Night.

It will be held at The Hall on Dragon in Dallas, Texas. If you cannot be a sponsor, we certainly hope you will consider attending.

Please CLICK HERE to reach the page on The Bridge website regarding the event.

Click the buttons (below) for PDF sponsorship forms for you or your company.

Thank you for considering assisting this endeavor. I’m a living, breathing example of what this organization does.

They save lives.

Build a Bridge - Save a Life

Build a Bridge - Save a Life

The Bridge Breast Network (BBN) has provided breast health services to nearly 200,000 low
income North Texans who are without insurance or under-insured. Utilizing a network of over
300 medical providers and facilities that either volunteer their services or drastically reduce their
fees, The BBN is able to provide the $200,000 average cost of treatment for under $20,000. In
order to provide the much-needed services to an increasing number of clients, The BBN holds
multiple fundraisers. Our 2019 Annual Gala will celebrate 27 years of building bridges of hope
for the nearly 200,000 lives touched by the program and raise funds to continue our life-saving
work in the community.