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Dallas-based documentary photographer

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Why hire an experienced Documentary Photographer?

● Pure, real results - life captured as it happens. 
● Photojournalists are adept at getting through crowds, going nearly undetected in backgrounds and causing very few disruptions 
● No annoying lighting, flash bulbs, etc. 

High resolution is 5000 px on the long edge and 300 ppi. This will allow you to send the files, digitally, to printers at your choice - or keep them all digitally, freely using and sharing on social media.
— Stephanie Johnson

How does it work? 
Option 1. Pay an hourly rate and receive all of your edited, high-resolution images  delivered via Google Drive   
Option 2. Pay a shooting fee and receive all high resolution images via password-protected online album and purchase favorites a’la carte.


The Details 
Photos will be edited for light, composition  and results will be delivered digitally.
To  book, a credit card will be required. A cancellation fee of $75 is applied to bookings that cancel within 1 day.


All edits delivered (option 1) is $100 for the  first hour and $50 each additional hour of  shooting. 
A’la Carte purchase (option 2) is $50 for the  first hour and $25 each additional hour and photographs are purchased a’la carte online.

How do you choose?  If you’re wanting all of your images for future  printing or usage, hourly is optimal.
This gives you an online cloud to download your images to keep in house.  

If you have an event where you believe many people (family, friends, coworkers) will be interested in choosing their own digital  downloads or prints that they prefer, a’la carte may be best for you.  


If you want photography but many family members will want to review and choose their own photo choices: Option 2

If you are not sure how many high-resolution versus web-sized photos you need: Option 2

If you want to have the ability to shop online for prints or downloads: Option 2

If you want all high resolution edits to keep for yourself on your own computer for all of eternity: Option 1

I do work with more than just organized festivities. I can also photograph your corporate event, team-building exercises, parties or speaking engagements. You may also book for some photography that you’ll use for future marketing such as items, store / shop / business location photography, etc. Questions? Contact me!

Disclaimer: I do not work with shot lists, posed portraits, etc. I am not a portrait photographer. I do not come with lights.  While I will be sure to know who & what the key focal points are - and the goal of our time together - I’m a documentary photographer. I come from a journalism background. This is candid work of life as it happens.
I only photograph weddings as a second  shooter. You will still need to hire a primary shooter for your wedding.


How I work:

It’s about the story - not the storyteller.

Anticipate my showing up as early as 15- 30 minutes before event to say "hello" and check out the area / talk about the flow of the night. This is not charged, of course. The fee pays for my photography time.

I pride myself on being non-invasive in your event. I will defer to your judgement but I will not be intrusive into organic moments. Professionalism and grace are key to my work and for you to get true results. I will not initiate conversation with your guests or interrupt conversations. I will not partake in food or alcohol. This isn’t MY event. It’s yours.

I will not share your images online or in portfolio unless, and until, you give permission. I do not sell client photography of events as stock or to media. I respect your right to your privacy and autonomy.

I wear all black when working events - slacks and sleeves.
There’s nothing worse than a vibrantly-dressed blur running around your party, causing eyes to shift and attention to be diverted.

I typically estimate turnaround within the week. On average, within 3 to 4 days.

I will communicate throughout the process.
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Photographing the Plano Balloon Festival

Photographing the Plano Balloon Festival