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S. Johnson Artist joins ULTA

Licensed Hairstylist and trained Cosmetology Educator, Stephanie Johnson, has officially signed on as part of the ULTA team. Specifically at the Shops at Park Lane location in Dallas, Texas, Stephanie will be the Assistant Manager of the Salon while also coordinating education efforts for the salon staff as well as for the benefit of the consumer and client.

"This is a very exciting move for me," said Johnson. "I have a passion for the beauty industry that couples with a sincere desire to share quality information and education. The opportunity that Ulta is giving me is very inspiring. I cannot wait to hit the ground running."

A believer in open communication and dialogue, Johnson is excited to foster that foundation within the walls of a giant in the beauty industry. "This is a big playground for me. We are all excited for what holiday around our store will bring for everyone's benefit."

Stephanie will still utilize her salon space at FUSION for her custom wig work, models, research and development and her hair clients are encouraged to book at ULTA - as that is where Johnson will be most days of the week. Johnson is anticipating being behind-the-chair for four or five days per week at the Park Lane location beginning mid-September. 

"Ulta brings to the table a literal buffet of options for anyone to be able to enjoy," Johnson adds. "They carry HairDo and HairUWear flexible extensions - a line I'm certified in, use, and my clients already love - as well as brands I personally use in my life that they've asked me to recommend."

Johnson is already planning a list of classes and tutorials that will be available for the public over the upcoming holiday shopping season. 

"It's about the experience, really," Johnson explains. "We're creating an interactive momentum that will translate into clients and customers really enjoying their time with us - and leaving feeling fulfilled." 

Online booking for ULTA Park Lane can be found HERE

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